ExplosionProof Repair

IECEx Repair, ExplosionProof Repair at Multicare Electronics atex Repair, ExplosionProof Repair at Multicare Electronics

IECEx, atex, ExplosionProof Repairs at Multicare Electronics

  • Benefits to our service
    • ISO 9001:2015 Accredited
    • Experienced Technicians
    • Bespoke Workshop
    • ESD Workshop
    • International Reach
  • Certification provides
    • IECEx Certified
    • Test Procedures
    • Specialist Jigs
    • Approved Tools
    • Trained Technicians

Repair and overhaul of equipment can often be more cost-effective than replacing it with new equipment, but of course the challenge is to ensure that any repair work does not affect the integrity of the equipment from a product conformity viewpoint.

This is where Multicare can help you, we are certified to the 60079-19 standard. This standard enables Multicare to check that your products meet the necessary criteria for FlameProof (60079-1 "d") and Dust (60079-31 "t")

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